Precision Golf NX7 Pro Review

Some golfers find laser rangefinders annoying, time-consuming and disturbing. The others – and I belong to this genre golfer – find lasers useful and sometimes even indispensable, as I may call myself an absolute distance estimation malfunction. So, I’ve already outed myself as a fan of the hand-sized rangefinders. I even push it to the extreme and use the laser in combination with a golf watch.


For me, a laser is practical, I feel the needed time of use as not too long and I need the feeling of knowing how far I am still away from the flag to be able to convey myself a certain security. It doesn’t matter if I play that distance or not, but I want to know it. So far, I have used a very cheap golf laser from Golfchampion for 169 €, which gave me my father a few years ago for Christmas. Although I was satisfied here, but also far from convinced for several reasons and I decided to get me a “reasonable” laser, but so far failed at the high prices of Bushnell, Nikon or Garmin. Last summer I came across the test winner of the independent test portal MyGolfSpy. The Precision Pro NX7/ NX7 Pro.

Here, the entry-level NX7 and NX7 Pro from Precision Golf have been able to stand up to the competition and have won the coveted “Most Wanted Award – Best Value”. Reason enough to get myself a laser from Precision Golf. My choice fell on the NX7 Pro, which was available for a comparatively cheap 200 € on Amazon. Currently the device costs a bit more with 229.66 € and is still around 120 € cheaper than a Bushnell Tour V4 with the same functionality. You can still find the laser via Google for about 200 €. You just have to search for it!

Picture by Precision Golf

I made my decision for the NX7 Pro, as it also has a slope function, unlike the NX7. If you do not know what that is, here is a short and simple explanation. The slope function throws two distances in the laser process. The first indicates the actual distance to the object and the second indicates the distance to the destination, taking into account height differences. However, the slope function is prohibited in games and must be switched off before the beginning of a tournament or any other qualifying round. I now have a very different opinion, but more in the end.


  • NX7 Pro Laser Rangefinder
  • Premium Hard Carrying Case
  • 3 Volt Battery
  • Instruction Manual
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Lanyard
  • Free Battery Replacement

Product specifications:

  • adaptive slope technology
  • pulse vibration technology
  • (TAG) target acquisition technology
  • accuracy +/- 1 yard
  • 1/10 yard measurements
  • 400 yard measuring range
  • 283 grams of weight
  • water-resistant design
  • shock-proof design
  • 6x magnification
  • multi distance mode
  • tournament legal
  • 2-year warranty

How did the NX7 Pro perform during the test?

My first impression after unboxing was consistently positive. The laser looks well-made, is light and very handy. The buttons are easy to reach with one hand and the operation is intuitive. The rubberized surface immediately gave me the impression that the laser is actually waterproof. In addition, the nubby surface increases the grip in addition.

I have tested the laser mainly against my old laser and this is beaten by lengths and every aspect, so a comparison seems almost unfair. More interesting was then the test against a Bushnell Tour V4 and here was the Rangefinder NX7 Pro points, because the magnification is already higher than the Bushnells. The further functional scope is identical. Both have a “pulse vibration” when the target is detected. Targeting works equally well and equally fast for both. There were marginal differences in distance, but never more than one yard deviation. Which device was more accurate, I could not test. There was no tendency either, so I can say that the NX7 Pro always measures 0.6m less than the Bushnell or similar. In the slope function, the output values ​​are also almost identical.

Both lasers come with a high-quality hard case storage bag, have almost the same size and do not differ in functionality. The supreme discipline for a laser, is lasering of distances to bunker edges and water hazards, both devices master without problems. Since I could not find a difference in the range of functions, in the handling or the functionality, for me the test winner clearly means Precision Pro due to its price. 

I can absolutely recommend the Precision Pro NX7 Pro, but I would, if I had to make the same decision again, go for the cheaper NX7 model, because I do not really need the Slope technology on the one hand and on the other hand, because I’m annoyed that golfer are so suspicious and actually questioning if the slope technology has been eliminated before a tournament round. Since I do not want to be accused of anything, I’ve almost always had the slope technology switched off. In addition, it has been found that my sense of adding or subtracting distances in the field has turned out to be very good. 

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